We are truly a "Mom & Pop" Shop! Helen & I run a small, clean & proffesional operation. Our buildiing is functional and fits our needs just fine, we are a little hard-to-find so please click on the "Find Us Fast" tab to get good directions, DO NOT TRUST YOUR GPS!!

  • Helen, my Sweetie, runs the Office, the smile you see, whether in-person or over the phone. She sets up our work schedule, and handles all of the paperwork so that I stay busy doing what I do best. All of the hard questions go her way!
  • Myself, Billy, "The Old Man", has assembled quite the list of certifications over the years too! Most are too old and yellow to read but I have several new ones too ! Until Cummins-Onan changed the rating system, I was, the only independent Level III Onan technician on the Gulf Coast since way back in 1995.
  • Phillip and Blake have been with us for over four years, since 2015. Not only did they bring the knowledge and prior experience they have also learned from me and my over fifty years of mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic experience.
  • We regulary attend manufacturer hosted service training.

Welcome to Billy Thibodeaux's Premiere RV, Inc. A complete analysis of our customers requirements allow us to make the most complete recommendation to satisfy their needs.

Billy has over 51 years of experience and has been self-employed since 1981. We can address just about any upgrade or service scenario you may require. We are very technical, analytical, trouble-shooters. WE ARE NOT PARTS CHANGERS!

We are extremely proud to be able to offer you, our customers, this vast depth of knowledge, product and skills.
For more information give us a call or fire off an email to Helen. (helen@billyt.com)

The RV industry is in a constant state of flux with new technologies frequently being introduced. We keep our training up-to-date by traveling to manufacturer and supplier locations for hands-on and text book courses. By staying ahead of the curve we can offer you the knowledge and resources to keep your rig operating at its best!

At Billy Thibodeaux's Premiere RV, Inc. we specialize in rigging and maintaining your RV to ensure the best possible RV'ing experience. After all, we want to have fun right?

"The Gulf Coast's RV Performance, Towing & Technology Authority"